5 Reasons Smart Women Over 50 Are Pumping Iron At The Gym

Do you go the gym? What? You don’t? Then you have no idea how much better your life could get.

In fact, get going. Right now. Weight lifting becomes even more important for women as they age, primarily because their bodies are prone to deteriorate in a rate much faster than men’s body’s do, mainly this occurs as a result of higher testosterone levels, but that does not mean that women need to shrivel up into old prunes. Once you experience the magical benefits of weight lifting post 50, you will regret not starting earlier!

Improves Hormonal Profile

News flash- post menopause, hormone levels are wrecked. The protective benefits of estrogen are gone (unless you use hormone replacement) along with lowered levels of testosterone and progesterone.

Weight lifting signals for small amounts of these hormones to be produced, which in turn have positive effects on many aspects of health.

Boosts Strength

Strength decline occurs rapidly after menopause, primarily as a result of muscle loss. Muscle is absolutely essential to ensure the body moves, as it should, pain free and effectively.

Think of a very old person suffering from significant muscle atrophy; movement becomes difficult, as well as functional strength to lift things and get around.

Weight lifting keeps muscle synthesis (building of new muscle tissue) high on the priority list, significantly slowing down age related muscle wasting.

Bone Density Is Optimized

One of the biggest risks of aging as a woman is possibly experiencing bone loss. This is hastened when estrogen is depleted, as the body begins leaching calcium from bone to fulfill its normal processes.

Weight bearing exercise directly stimulates the growth of new bone tissue, and improves the uptake of nutrients by bone. Bone directly acts as support to your body, hence it is to be expected that increased load forces the skeletal system to become stronger.

Better Sex

Sex drive plummets around the time of menopause, and frequently continues on an unabated downward plunge. Weight lifting boosts your libido thanks to its effects on testosterone and estrogen. As a young woman, these hormones are in high supply and we often take for granted the influence they have on regulating our sex drive.

You Look Better And Feel Better

Let’s face it, none of us look forward to becoming a sagging mess, at least not if it can be avoided. Weight training benefits your body physically and mentally, improving your outlook on life.

Among other benefits, you look better because:

• You Have More Muscle Mass- muscle is what shapes your body, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you have a look at the most curvy women, most of them have large muscle mass. Improving muscle mass makes a woman look great, especially in the thighs, hamstrings and glutes.
• You Have Less Body fat- another bonus of having more muscle is that you burn more calories per day. If you maintain a healthy diet, you will have no problem losing excess body fat and reshaping your figure the way you want.
• Endorphins Are Released- these feel good brain chemicals make for a powerful mood booster. If you feel in a better mood, you conduct yourself with greater confidence. And we know, confidence is sexy.


You should be hitting the gym and pumping iron regardless of your age. Ideally, you should have started in your twenties, but now is good a time as any.

You’ll be glad you started a year or two down the line, when guys younger than you stop you in the street and ask you if your daughter is your sister! (You hot fox you!)