Ice Cream Machines Can Be Nutritious (Really!)

Can you think of a better, more satisfying treat on a summer’s day – or any day – than an ice cream cone? You may shy away from this treat because of the calories contained in most ice cream, but there are ways to cut the calories and still enjoy this creamy, delicious treat.

Ice cream machines are fun and can produce a healthy, nutritious treat that you can enjoy throughout the year. Lower fat ice cream is easy and delicious to make by adhering to a few tips such as using nonfat, sweetened condensed milk or low-fat milk rather than whole milk or heavy cream.

You can also eliminate the egg yolks normally called for with ice cream and add some gelatin to make the ice cream taste rich without adding fats. You’ll still get that amazingly creamy taste and texture without consuming the calories normally associated with homemade ice cream.

Jazz up your homemade ice cream like they do in professional, big-name ice cream makers – toss in some nuts or chopped fruit. When in season, fresh fruit adds so much to the taste and also boosts the nutrition of a scoop of homemade ice cream.

You may not realize that most ice cream makers of today can also make a healthier version of ice cream in the form of frozen yogurt and fruity sorbet. And, you can have these fresh and yummy snacks or desserts in a mere half-hour’s time.

This is in contrast to the old types of ice cream makers that took hours of cranking and adding ice and salt to until you finally get to enjoy your efforts. Now, there are digital timers which monitor churning time and LCD displays to ensure perfection with every batch.

A couple of good tips for storing ice cream is to pre-chill the container you’re using to store it and realize that low-fat and frozen ice cream melts faster than those which contain a lot of fat.

If you want to improve the texture of low fat ice cream, replace nonfat, sweetened condensed milk with gelatin or milk solids. Chill it in the freezer before scooping and using it for a perfect texture.

You’ll find a myriad of ice cream makers online and ones which can easily create creamy and delicious ice cream, yogurt and sorbets for your enjoyment. It’s great by itself on a hot summer’s day or with berries and other fruits for a satisfying and low calorie dessert.

Ice Cream Machines for Health Conscious Cooks

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