Rotisserie Cooking That’s Good for the Heart

That plump, juicy chicken or turkey, cooked evenly on a rotisserie can turn into some of the tastiest and healthiest meals you’ve ever made – especially healthy for the heart. The dry-cooking method of using a rotisserie oven keeps the protein level high and the fat and calories low.

Besides the health benefits of a rotisserie oven, the ease of prepping makes it a sure choice for those who don’t think they have time to make healthy meals. Simply prepare a chicken as you would for roasting in the oven.

Remove the giblets from the cavity, rinse the chicken with cold water and pat dry. Then, season it as you like. Follow the directions of your rotisserie oven for cooking. When done, you can pair the chicken with veggies and use the leftovers as an addition to salads or sandwiches for lunch.

You’ll only consume a little over 200 calories with a 3-ounce portion of rotisserie chicken (dark meat can increase the calorie count) – a great way to lose weight and lower cholesterol.

When seasoning your poultry for rotisserie cooking, be careful about the high sodium content of many poultry rub seasonings. You can season yourself with dried herbs such as rosemary and thyme.

Stuffing a halved lemon and more herbs in the cavity before cooking can also add lots of flavor without harmful fats, calories and sodium. Cooking poultry with a rotisserie almost ensures you won’t have any leftovers – it’s so good.

But if you do have some leftovers, use the meat in a wide variety of other recipes such as white bean chili, chicken tacos and soups. Rotisserie design has come a long way from those that take up a lot of counter space.

You can choose the old-fashioned type which uses the spinning-style technique or select a more versatile one which can also roast vegetables, kabobs, ham and steaks besides poultry.

Some are vertical rather than horizontal in design, have push-button, digital display and have stainless steel interiors which make for easy cleanup. You may choose one for your family which accommodates two chickens at a time.

The self-basting technique of rotisserie meats ensures that the heat circulates properly and gets rid of the excess fat and unwanted calories. With some rotisseries, you can monitor the cooking process through the glass doors.

Rotisserie ovens are perfect for the health-conscious cook who strives for overall health of body – including the heart muscle. Check out the wide array of rotisserie ovens now available online.

Rotisseries for Health Conscious Cooks

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