The Aging Woman And Happiness: Embracing Every Day

Aging should be a joyful experience for every woman; however, this is not always the case. On average, women are subjected to much more daily stress than men are which makes for a less than ideal aging experience.

While stress can, and indeed takes a toll on quite a few women, the key to having a fulfilling journey of life is to find happiness in everything, and embrace it.

We’re not suggesting you be happy all the time- that’s just weird, but it should go without saying that happiness is a fundamental part of being a human being.

Not sure what you can do to find some happiness every day? The choices are numerous, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few, which will work for the majority of aging women.

Keep Learning

Do you remember that one class in school that made you feel alive? You were good at it, always getting the questions right sked by your teacher, and looked forward to the next session.

What if you could make every single day like that? Reading, and learning something new every day can give you that same feeling.

Of course, it’s important to find topics you are passionate about, it makes no sense learning Columbus’ ships name if you are bored out of your pants doing it. Maybe you love geography, or learning languages. It can be exhilaratingly refreshing to learn things you love!

Get A Pet!

Ok you got me; I’m impartial to puppies. If there is one thing in this world, that loves you above all else, it has to be a dog. Really, whatever your choice for a pet, one thing you can depend on them for is providing you with happiness.

Pets have a way of not judging us, and loving us unconditionally every single day, which is especially important if you suffer from depression or don’t get out much. Heck, you can head to the park with your pet, or anywhere else you enjoy going. Road trip anyone?

Think Young

Just because you’re getting older, it does not mean that you have to retire your brain and have cobwebs develop. One of the main things that promotes a healthy aging pattern is your mindset. Never wallow or given into the stereotypes of aging, this is now ay to live. Instead, do all the things you always and when you were younger and more.

Think of life after 50 as an amusement park without height restrictions to get on the rides, anything goes and you can and must do all that you wanted to do just as you did when you were young. Nothing has really changed, expect that you are wiser, freer, and have more time to do what you want.

Cherish Family And Friends

When we’re younger, we value independence, and that’s a good thing. Never being too reliant on one person sets up a strong foundation for you as you age, but be careful, there needs to be balance between how “solo” you go.

Alienate friends and family in your youth, and you will have nobody by your side when you grow old. One of the main parts of healthy aging is to have a quality social life, as isolation can lead to loneliness, depression, and growing old in mind.


Way too many women in particular do not value exercise past their 50’s. However, that’s a huge mistake, in more ways than one. For starters, lack of exercise can accelerate age related disorders, including mental and physical degradation.

Secondly, exercise provides the highly sought natural mood enhancers, called endorphins. Endorphins boost mood and sense of wellbeing following exercise, and can be especially useful to women who may be predisposed to depressive illness.


Meditation should be a part of every single person’s life. Meditation boosts your appreciation for the small things, soothes your mind and spirit and is even thought to prolong life. A little time free of distractions can do a lot for you, so make time for it.


Growing older brings a unique set of challenges as a woman, but many things are universal across the sexes. The best part? You can do these things with your spouse, sharing in the ultimate happiness with your partner for life.