Turn Your Rice Cooker into a Health Gadget

Are you considering buying a rice cooker, but you haven’t yet because you think it’s just for rice? And maybe you don’t cook rice that often. But rice cookers aren’t just for rice. They can make any grain (including brown and white rice) better tasting and incredible textured.

You can use a new rice cooker for other meal planning ideas. For example, if you love steel cut oatmeal, but don’t have time to wait for the cooking process in the mornings, use a rice cooker.

Simply place the oatmeal and water in the machine the night before, set the timer and when you’re ready for breakfast, you’ve got a perfect pot cooked just right. It’s hassle-free – and you can add berries or other fruits for an ultra-healthy breakfast.

Rice cookers are convenient, easy to use and very easy to clean. Use them to cook a foolproof pot of beans, rice or grains such as quinoa, couscous and millet. Rice such as Arborio and jasmine can be cooked to a level of perfection that can only be reached with a rice cooker.

You’ll find a wide array of rice cookers online. The run the gamut from the original and inexpensive rice cookers which are mainly designed to steam and cook rice to pressure-cookers for rice or induction cooking for those who love a more complex version and digital displays.

Rice cookers work much the same way as a slow cooker. It uses steam heat over a designated period of time to cook the food while preserving the unique flavors and nutrition.

Most people don’t know that their rice cookers can be used to cook perfect boiled eggs. The technique involves steaming – rather than boiling – the eggs and you can cook them for hard-boiled, soft or medium, just like you want them.

Preserve the nutrients in vegetables by steaming them in your rice cooker. Simply place the steam basket into the rice cooker, add the veggies and any seasonings you like and cover.

Make sure you time them to prevent overcooking and remember that water boils more rapidly in a rice cooker than bringing it to boil in a pot. You’ll be saving time and the rice cooker will automatically keep anything you’re cooking from burning or scorching.

Top of the line rice cookers have non-stick pot, lots of settings and you can purchase them in just the right sizes for you or a large family. Choose a simple design or one that’s full of technology with lots of settings and other features. Shop online for the best deals and the largest variety of rice cookers.

Rice Cookers for Health Conscious Cooks

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Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

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