Use a Grain Mill to Get More Nutrients and Vitamins

You can live in a small house or apartment and still have an opportunity to use a grain mill to create your own flour and other grains and have full control of what goes into your food.

Whether you choose hand-cranked or electric, you’ll find a grain mill is an economic and fun way to create grain that delivers fresh taste to homemade breads and other items. Survivalists are especially fond of grain mills.

Whole grain berries can be easily stored and will stay fresh for an incredibly long time (many years), whereas milled flour loses its nutritional elements after a few days. You may have noticed the rancid smell from flour that’s been on the grocery shelf for awhile.

There’s nothing wrong with it except the nutritional value is reduced and your grains won’t taste as good as if they were freshly milled. Another benefit of freshly milled grains is that you get the entire nutritional value that comes within the outer layer (bran).

This includes magnesium, niacin, iron, zinc and riboflavin. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of the seed which provides B vitamins (B1, B2 and B3) and phosphorous, plus polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The large, industrial mills filter out the bran and important germ and only use the endosperm – which ends up as the white flour in most of our breads and other products. The whole grains you’ll enjoy from using a grain mill will put you at lower risk for stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease and you’ll be better able to maintain your weight.

Whole grains found in most supermarket products leave out many of the antioxidants and vitamins which remain intact when you use a grain mill. You should be especially aware of how white flour is commercially produced.

Toxic chemicals such as chlorine bleach are used along with additives such as potassium bromate (associated with cancer and kidney problems) to give it longer shelf life.

Milling fresh grain in your home will ensure that you reap all the health benefits, but an added benefit is that it will save you money. Purchasing whole grains rather than processed is much less expensive – and fun, too.

Some kitchen mixers have grain mill attachments and some can also be used as a nut grinder. Prices for grain mills run the gamut from very inexpensive to real budget busters.

Check out grain mills online and decide which is best for you. Even though the commercial type models are more expensive, it’s a good investment that will pay you back in healthy and delicious grains for years to come.

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