Use a Panini Press for Healthier Meals

Think panini presses are only for sandwiches? Think again. The panini press is an incredible kitchen appliance which can simplify your cooking process and also provide you and your family with nutritious meals.

Although the panini press can make anything pressed between two slices of bread look and taste better, that’s not all it can be. Use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and dessert items and use it to make your meals healthier.

Think outside of the panini sandwich and all types of lights will come on in the creative part of your brain. It can be as simple as an omelet (with all your favorite fillings) or as fun and complete as a pizza. The panini press can change your meals for the better.

Other breakfast ideas for the panini press include crispy bacon and hash browns and whole wheat pancakes. Grill some chicken breast that looks as if you cooked it on an outdoor grill – grill marks and all.

Become even more creative with quesadillas or grill veggies and serve as healthy snacks. Who would have thought that fruit would be a good choice for a panini press? Try some peaches on the press, add some whipped (or mascarpone) cream and fruit to whip up an amazing and healthy dessert.

The great flavors of Ciabatta and Focaccia breads are commonly used for the panini press, and they can be great additions to healthy meals with lots of fillings. Gluten-free and whole grain breads can also be used successfully with a panini press.

Other ideas for using the panini press for healthy meal ideas includes using hummus rather than mayonnaise or catsup and you’ll naturally need less salt. Mashed or sliced avocado adds a nutty taste to any food and can also add nutrients.

When you cook meats on a panini press, the fat within the meats drain away rather than adding calories and cholesterol into the meat. The panini press has been called the fat buster appliance for food.

Veggies also benefit from grilling on a panini press. Valuable minerals and other nutrients melt away when veggies are boiled, but will provide the most possible when grilled.

Easy clean up and less time to prep mean that your panini press will provide many healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family. Choose from a wide variety to prices and styles to suit your every need – and don’t forget to look for unusual recipes that your family will love.

Panini Press’s for Health Conscious Cooks

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