Use Mixers to Make Your Meals More Healthy

Almost everyone has a mixer in their kitchen and uses it for mixing cake and cookie mixes, pancakes and recipes you need to mix fast or to break up the ingredients more than you could with a wooden spoon or whisk.

Stand mixers are a step up from hand-held mixers, but they’re usually under-used and under-appreciated. Stand mixers take up a good amount of room on the counter, so it’s worth your while to find some recipes that utilize it wisely while providing you and your family with healthier meals.

You can tweak your cookie, cake and other recipes that you’ve made for years into healthy deserts, snacks and other meal accompaniments. Healthy recipes for mixers abound online and will give you ideas for other ways to use this handy and time-saving appliance.

One great way to change breakfast scones into a healthy breakfast is to use whole cherries (cut in half) in a mixture of oat flour, cornmeal, spices you love, applesauce, yogurt and vanilla to create a delicious accompaniment to your morning coffee.

Recipes for fresh cherry scones can be found online – along with ways to tweak pancake, waffle and other mixes and turn them into healthy concoctions. If your mixer comes with a dough paddle, you can quickly mix whole wheat doughs for pizza and other healthy breads.

Mixers come in a wide variety of types and prices. Take a look at the online offerings and you’ll find types ranging from simple, hand-held mixers to elaborate décor-coordinated types in chrome or colors.

Some have attachments such as dough paddles, splash guards, whisks and spatulas and can be taken off the stand to use as a hand mixer. Some are heavy-duty mixers which can be used for a number of recipes for which a hand mixer would be too lightweight for.

It seems that everyone these days is striving to make healthier meals. It may never have occurred to you that your mixer could be a tool for speed and health since you’ve mainly used it for cake or cookie mixing.

Think outside the box about your mixer and begin to utilize it as a way to quickly and easily mix scrumptious meal fixings for you and/or your family. No matter what size or how many gadgets your mixer has, you’re sure to find ways to lighten your meals and make them tastier and healthier.

Mixer’s for Health Conscious Cooks

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