Using Food Processors to Boost Health

There are a number of healthy recipes that would take hours to prepare without a good food processor in your kitchen – and most of us want to save time while doing what it takes to eat healthier and serve our family healthy meals.

The difference between a food processor and a blender is that blenders are mainly used for pureeing or blending to the point of liquefying. A food processor can be used to roughly chop ingredients for salads or other chunky and healthy foods.

Hummus or pesto can also be created in a food processor in a matter of seconds and you can slice, dice or chop almost any food to the consistency you desire and in large amounts, which saves time and money.

Low calorie and nutritious foods are so easy to prepare with a good food processor and it will keep you from depending on fast food establishments to grab a fast and easy meal on the run.

Check out the latest offerings of food processors online before you choose one. Many have features that you can easily pass on, while others have some that you may think you can’t live without.

They range from the less expensive, but very versatile types with two speeds and the ability to chop onions, slice, shred, grate or mix foods and ingredients to the high tech models which sport brushed stainless steel, steel shredding and chopping blades, extra-large work bowls and several speeds and pulsing features.

Some food processors come with larger motors than others. For example, you can purchase powerful version which sports 1200 watts or a less powerful version of 450 watts, depending on your needs and desires.

Fast and easy recipes can be found that your entire family will love – like Chicken Korma, made with chicken breasts, onions, several savory spices and almonds. You’ll use the food processor to chop and dice the ingredients for the sauce.

Then, after cooking the sauce ingredients, use the processor again to blend the sauce until smooth. Pour over cooked chicken and rice for an ultra-healthy meal you’ll want to serve time and again.

Healthy recipes which involve using a food processor abound online and in recipe books especially written to take advantage of this incredible kitchen appliance. Or, adapt your own healthy recipes for a processor and see how much prep time you save.

Food Processor’s for Health Conscious Cooks

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